Little Hannya Tattoos by Gabriele Cardosi

Little Hannya Tattoos by Gabriele Cardosi

Gabriele Cardoisi combines his fine line style with the Japanese classic!

Black and grey fine line gives these hannya's a look you might not have seen before. If you've never heard of Gabriele Cardosi you're living your life wrong, the talented tattooer currently tattoos out from London and is regarded as one of the best fine line black and grey artists in the world! Known for his small detailed designs, Cardosi's tattoos are crisp, clean and often a great re-imagining of a classic design. This is nowhere clearer than in his Hannya masks.

Cardosi takes the iconic Japanese design and gives it the fine line treatment, and what comes out is a small design with a big impact. Packed with detail, character and a subtle ferocity the black and grey Hannya's of Cardosi stand out as some of the best fine line Hannya tattoos you're likely to come across. And, I've got the best of them right here!

All images via Instagram.

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