Poetic Monochrome Tattoos by Marie-Christine Gauthier

Poetic Monochrome Tattoos by Marie-Christine Gauthier

Engaged Canadian artist creates stylish tattoos.

Marie-Christine Gauthier and her tattoo apprentice Claude Giguère work in the private studio Le Chalet, in Montreal, Canada. If Marie-Christine masters both color and monochrome tattooing, the latter will certainly catch your attention. Mixing blackwork and dotwork, her designs are genuinely refined and original. Crafted with love and independence, the tattoos of Marie-Christine Gauthier are filled with stories, emotions, and a lot of wit. 

The artist also goes by the name of F is the Key. A proud feminist and animal lover, her art often campaigns for her beliefs, and money from her merchandising is donated to associations such as the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Gorgeous tattoos with a heart? You just won't be able to resist Marie-Christine Gauthier's work.

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