Trippy Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Hayden O'Connor

Trippy Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Hayden O'Connor

These colorful and faceted tattoos bring a new twist on neo trad.

With an unique visual identity, 21 year old Hayden O'Connor puts a different spin on neo traditional art.

Hayden O'Connor is based in Brisbane, Australia, at tattoo studio The Inker. His neo traditional tattoos are inspired by Asia, especially traditional masks. His designs also seem to be inspired by woodwork and sculpture, which gives them a unique faceted aspect. 

The stone effect of O'Connor's art is increased by his choice of colors. Emerald, jade, sapphire and other precious stones-related tones are used. Giving a glossy touch to the tattoos, they also make them bold, trippy and cool. If you are looking for badass tattoos, you will certainly be seduced by the eye-catching portfolio of Hayden O'Connor.

Want to see more? Hayden O'Connor is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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