12 Symbolic Kachina Doll Tattoos

12 Symbolic Kachina Doll Tattoos

Kachina dolls give inspiration for some cool tattoos with their beauty and symbolism.

A design you won't see every day, these kachina doll tattoos are certainly worth a look. The kachina doll is a sacred object among the Native American Hopi people. It's carved from cottonwood root and elaborately decorated and used to educate young girls and women about Katsinas who are immortal beings that control the environment, bring the rain and act as messengers from this world to the next. An object of strong symbolism, the kachina doll is of great cultural meaning that in recent years has been adopted as a tattoo design.

Naturally, as with any Native American inspired tattoo design, one should be aware of the meaning behind it before getting a kachina tattoo. That said, the kachina doll does make a beautiful design and is one you won't see very often. Enjoy the selection of kachina doll tattoos below and be sure to share them with fellow tattoo enthusiasts.

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