Beautiful Blackwork Geometry by Marco Marini

Beautiful Blackwork Geometry by Marco Marini

Discovering Marco Marini is like winning the jackpot for tattoo enthusiasts who love geometric designs.

Massive patterns, intense detail, and lots of black ink — what else could you ask for? The tattoo scene in Italy is one of the best in Europe, if not the world. While it is home to some of the finest traditional tattooers in the business, it also hosts some incredible blackwork artists. Tattooing in Milan, Marco Marini turns skin into mind-blowing works of art using heavy shading, dotwork, and the sharpest lines. His tattoos represent the best of geometric tattooing and might inspire you to get one of your own.

Marini's compositions are conceptually daring. He doesn't limit himself to any one type of ornamental body art. Instead, he typically combines all sorts of geometric figures, both sacred and abstract, into any given piece, creating what can only be described as collages of blackwork patterns. Looking at his work is almost like a rollercoaster for your eyes, taking them through a series of thrilling twists and turns.

Occasionally, Marini adds color to his blackwork designs, turning them into striking kaleidoscopic sequences of geometry. These pieces have an almost psychedelic aesthetic to them, drawing the view in through their intricate patterning and wowing them with bright burst of chroma. 

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To see more of Marini's amazing ornamental tattoos, make sure to follow him on Instagram. He works at Primordial Pain Tattoo and can be reached at if you want an impressive blackwork sleeve or back-piece of your own.

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