Childhood Mood: Cute Illustrative Tattoos by Santa Cara

Childhood Mood: Cute Illustrative Tattoos by Santa Cara

These endearing tattoos will awaken your inner child.

Amandine Ringot is a protean artist working under the pseudonym of Santa Cara. Her artist name also happens to be the name of her own brand. The journey of this young artist is astonishing. After completing studies in animation, she started working in fashion. Her activities are various- creating wood carved jewels and, indeed, making tattoos. The creativity of Santa Cara is limitless.

The style of Santa Cara is vintage and romantic. She has created a serie of designs untitled Childhood Mood, with children wearing masks of animals, either real or mythological. Oscillating between blackwork and delicate colored tattoos, the pieces are innocent and heart-warming. The influence of jewellery is also visible in her attention to details and the elegant compositions, with subtle ornaments. The artistic touch of Santa Cara will certainly fascinate you. She is based at Carishna Piercing & Tattoo studio in Paris, France.

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You can see more tattoos by Santa Cara on Facebook and Instagram. And if you wish to see her next collection of jewels, follow her on Etsy.

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