Heartbreak and Heartache: Neil Dransfield's Poetic Blackwork

Heartbreak and Heartache: Neil Dransfield's Poetic Blackwork

Leeds-based tattoo artist Neil Dransfield creates emotive tattoos in blackwork with the ink from heartbreak and heartache.

Blackwork has the capacity to reach into an emotion that color work can't and bring it out on the surface of a tattoo. Neil Dransfield has a firm grasp of its potential and learned how to tame it the only way he knows how. Inspired by the beauty and madness of love and loss, Neil describes his work as tattooing heartache and heartbreak. That's a beautiful way to put it. With classic elements like hearts, roses and daggers, Neil depicts passionate moments, intense emotion and evocative portraits into strong, poignant blackwork tattoos.

All images via Instagram.

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