Peony, The King of Flowers

Peony, The King of Flowers

A superior flower, for superior people...

Throughout my work experience, I've assisted many women in the market for a pretty & feminine flower tattoo. I often find myself invited into debate over botanical options with our clients on this classic choice of subject matter — and sometimes the conversation goes a little something like this...

"I want a flower, but not a Rose because I'm not a 'Rose type' of girl".

If I had a dime for every woman that said "I'm not a rose person" I'd have quite a few dimes. So often a discourse begins about lilies, daisies, orchids, (which, side note look eerily similar to lady parts — no seriously Google it) sunflowers, the list goes on... but I've found the most recurrent desire is for a "rose-like" flower with lots of petals. 

So for all my rose-snubbing ladies out there, this ones for you... I'd like to introduce my friend the Peony.

The Peony — Also known as Botan, or "King of Flowers" is often regarded in Chinese & Japanese cultures as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and elegance. A traditional subject matter in Japanese Irezumi (or tattoo) the peony's lush full bloom and delicate curly petals are thought to bring wealth and good omen to the wearer.

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... and for those of you that can give a shit about symbolism, here are some pretty flowers. 

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