The Hublot x Maxime Buchi Collaboration is Now Available

The Hublot x Maxime Buchi Collaboration is Now Available

The beautiful geometric timepiece was officially revealed at Art Basel Miami this past weekend.

Maxime Buchi is perhaps best known for his geometric, black and grey masterpieces that are almost reminiscent of mandalas, as well as his famed London tattoos shop, Sang Bleu. Earlier this year, it was announced that Buchi would collaborate with luxury watch maker, Hublot, to create a unique take on their classic Big Bang style. Taking its inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, the watch is comprised of three separately rotating polygons that allow the user to tell the time based on the position of the shapes. Inspired by Buchi’s geometric work, the rotating pieces give the watch an undeniably sleek and sexy sophistication. Available in a limited run of 200, the watch retails for $19,000 and was just released this past weekend at the release party in Miami.

Hosted at the Sang Bleu pop up shop, visitors were served champagne, and invited to come pay a visit to Buchi himself while he tattooed clients with a variety of his flash. Other key attendees included Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot, who says that the collaboration between the brand and Buchi seemed only natural. “Maxime is a creative force and a true artist. This collaboration represents a perfect marriage of the technical design and watchmaking expertise of Hublot with the artistic vision of one of the field’s greatest talents. The result is a timepiece for collectors of exceptional watches and art alike.”

This is the pair’s second time working together, the first being the metal and glass sculpture designed by Buchi that served as the initial announcement for the collaboration and the concept behind the watch. “For me," Buchi says, "the coming together of Sang Bleu and Hublot is a 'match made in heaven' insofar as the two projects, in their respective domains, represent the highest level of technical and creative innovation without ever compromising the quality of their aesthetics. A feature of Sang Bleu and Hublot is the principle of 'fusion,' in their manner of building bridges between materials, techniques and cultures. As a watch lover, I have always dreamed of such a collaboration, and I cannot imagine a greater opportunity to further develop my creative scope and the reach of Sang Bleu.”

If you don’t happen to have $19,000 lying around, fear not, as Buchi will continue to offer the watch’s unique geometric interface as a part of his flash. Big Bang x Sang Bleu might be slightly out of budget, but hey, watch batteries die, tattoos are forever... or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves as we stare longingly at the Hublot website.

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