What's It Like to Have #TattoosAtWork?

What's It Like to Have #TattoosAtWork?

Don't miss out on the cool stories about people and their experiences with #tattoosatwork.

Hello, and welcome to #TattoosAtWork . Have you ever noted that the neighbourhood barista has a super fly tattoo collection? Or that the guy at the bank has some sweet tattoos poking out from behind his three piece suit? With #TattoosAtWork we want to capture these tattoos and the stories behind them. AND, we are of course always interested in your experiences with #TattoosAtWork so get uploading under this hashtag.

Sam @samglenn

Sam, a super sexy employee at Joe and the Juice, had a really funky tattoo collection and lots to say about what it means to have tattoos at work. Joe and the Juice apparently has a really lax and chill policy regarding tattoos, and Sam told us that many of his co-workers' tattoo collections have really flourished throughout their time working with Joe and the Juice. Sam says this is due to their "do it your way" policy when it comes to employee dress code.

Although Sam's tattoos are VERY accepted in the work place, Sam has found that at times his customers have not been ultra supportive of his collection. He's even experienced customers referring to his tattoos as "silly drawings"! His tattoos are definitely far from being that, but at the same time sometimes you just have to let grannies be grannies.

Naomi @naomiaddams

We found Naomi hard at work at Urban Outfitters, looking ultra fly with her checkered pants and sick tattoo collection. Urban Outfitters is one of the rare retail companies that actually lets employees wear what they want to wear, instead of forcing them to be walking advertisements for the store. 

"Just be yourself and go with it!"

A lot of Naomi's tattoos are by her tattoo artist boyfriend, Jonny Rhodes, and all of them are done in blackwork. Initially, Naomi covered her tattoos for her interview, because she didn't think they'd be accepted. However, she quickly realized that both Urban Outfitters and Copenhagen, in general, are very accepting of tattoos, in comparison to what Naomi had experienced in France, where she is originally from.

MATILDE @matilde_melina

Matilde works at Monki, the amazingly funky clothing boutique which is super popular in Copenhagen. Matilde has her own tattoo artist, Michael Tolentino, who is the artist behind the majority of her tattoos. 

"Tattoos are a great way of showcasing who you are and where you come from"

Matilde has had super positive responses in regards to having tattoos at work. She told us that people in the company holding management positions had large tattoo collections, which encouraged her to be open about her own tattoos. She's found that customers have been equally as positive about her tattoo collection, and says that people have had nothing but good feedback about her tattoos.

Matilde is happy that tattoos are becoming more normalized, and thinks that they are a very forward thinking medium through which to communicate one's personality and history. She believes that through tattoos, people can showcase a little piece of who they are, and where they come from. 

See any good tattoos in the workplace? Or better yet, do you yourself have some cool experiences with tattoos at work?
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