Hypnotizing Sacred Geometric Tattoos by Charly Saconi

Hypnotizing Sacred Geometric Tattoos by Charly Saconi

Only the buzz of the machine, the flow of geometry and the precision of pointillism echo in Charly's world.

You're in for some sacred geometric and dotwork porn with this Argentinian artist's intense work. Carlos Saconi Lerena, also known as Charly Saconi, is a tattoo artist based in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. An avid learner with an inquisitive soul, Charly was inspired by many traditional styles and elements. He first took an interest in Japanese art and irezumi when he was starting, but eventually developed a taste for sacred geometry and arcane blackwork. These days he's been testing the bounds of his skills and how far he can go while learning along the way. He's also taking notes from local artists and building connections at the same time.

"Many thanks to my colleague for letting me do this madness," he wrote in the caption of one of his finest, eye-catching pieces so far. Worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears spilled.

All images via Instagram.

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