Join Us at the Tattoodo Art Fair at Brooklyn Bazaar on August 17

Join Us at the Tattoodo Art Fair at Brooklyn Bazaar on August 17

Our favorite tattooers in NYC are selling their non-tattoo art in Brooklyn on Thursday, August 17!

No more room on your body for more art from your favorite tattooers? Do you want your favorite tattoo on a t-shirt or perhaps hanging on your wall? Do you want to support your favorite tattoo artists by having their work on everything you own? Then come to the first ever Tattoodo Art Fair at Brooklyn Bazaar (150 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222) on Thursday, August 17th from 7pm-11pm!

36 Ghosts shirt designed by Kiku, available at the Tattoodo Art Fair #36ghosts #shirts #kiku #skulls #tattoodo #tattoodoartfair #artfair #ryanheim

We’ve invited a group of our favorite artists from some of the best shops around New York City to sell all the work that isn’t on skin. In fact, many of the tattooers at our inaugural art fair have had their works in galleries and art shows all over the world. As far as we know, this is the first event of its kind anywhere — a celebration of and marketplace for tattooers as artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Check out a small sample of the work available at the fair:

Mike Rubendall and Matt Beckerich of Kings Avenue Tattoo

The duo will be selling prints, Kings Avenue merch, and tattoo symbolism books from their Neversleep Publishing series. Some of the other fine folks at Kings Avenue may have some work to sell as well. Show up at Brooklyn Bazaar to find out.

Neversleep Publishing's "Tattooing's Guide to Symbolism," for sale at the Tattodoo Art Fair #tattoodoartfair #neversleeppublishing #mikerubendall #MattBeckerich #tattoobook #symbolism #tattooart

Megan Massacre of Grit N Glory

Get some fun rock ‘n’ roll looks from the Lower East Side boutique/tattoo shop Grit N Glory without crossing the bridge! Plus, Megan Massacre herself will be at the event signing copies of her coloring book, Marked in Ink.

Zoe Bean of 8 of Swords

We loved Zoe’s Keepsake art show back in May so much we wanted prints of her delicate dotwork at our art fair for sure.

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Craig Rodriguez, Jim Gentry, Brian Faulk, Ron Mor, Ryan Belfance, Seagh Mulligan, Soyoon Mirro, and Alexsey Tol of Hand of Glory

All the artists from this beloved South Slope shop will be setting up shop in Greenpoint Thursday, where they will be selling their Japanese style prints, stitch art, and much more.

Japanese print by Brian Faulk of @Hand_of_Glory_Tattoo, available at the @tattoodo Art Fair #handofglory #hannya #snake #BrianFaulk #japanese #artprint #artfair

Apparel company 36 Ghosts

Nate Heim’s clothing line featured visually striking t-shirts, hoodies, socks, and more from renowned tattooers such as Kiku, Tim Lehi, Chad Hunt, and others.

#36Ghosts shirt designed by Andre Malcolm, available for sale at the @tattoodo Art Fair #tattoodo #artfair #tattooshirt #tattooart #andremalcolm
#36Ghosts shirt designed by Chad Hunt, available at the Tattoodo Art Fair #tattoodo #artfair #ryanheim #chadhunt #wolf #shirt #tattooshirt #tattooart

Erica Flannes of Red Rocket Tattoo

We’re obsessed with Erica’s neo-traditional work, but her jewelry is as delicate and beautiful as her tattoos. Her Red Rocket co-conspirator Adam Guy Hays will be bringing a few choice items to sell as well.

Crawfish claw pendant designed by @ericaflannes of @Red_Rocket_Tattoo, available at the Tattoodo Art Fair #jewelry #pendant #necklace #crawfish #claw #jewelry

Marina Heintze of Nakapatchi

Heintze, a fine artist herself, will be selling everything from comforters to postcards to throw pillows to gift wrap. A versatile and creative soul, whatever you buy from Heintze will be one-of-a-kind and original.

But that’s only half the lineup! Other artists and vendors include:

Tron, Sue Jeiven, Rachel Hauer, Jenna Bouma, Duke Riley, and Victor J. Webster at East River Tattoo

Stephanie Tamez, Virginia Elwood, Sophie C’est la Vie, and Tamara Santibañez of Saved Tattoo

Nash Hogan, Mat Moreno, and JK5of Three Kings Tattoo

Evil and Love

10 Thousand Foxes

First Class Tattoo

We’ll be posting photos of everything for sale as we receive them on the Facebook event page, so RSVP now to get the latest updates. See you Thursday!

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