Mary Jane, You Keep Me Sane: Weed Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Mary Jane, You Keep Me Sane: Weed Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Grab your favorite stoner friends, pass around a bowl, and check out these awesome Weed Tattoos for todays' selection for Tattoo of the Day!

Thank god it's Friday! And to celebrate we've put together some inspiring weed tattoos to kick start your party hardy weekend! We know that, just like us, you are a true weekend warrior. And nothing goes better with being a warrior than a finely rolled spliff, right? So, sit back, relax, roll up a J with your buddies, throw on your favorite stoner flick (we'll be watching the ultimate jam: Half Baked), and enjoy these marvelous hand picked weed tattoos.

While you're all Up in Smoke over these nice pieces, there is another thing to celebrate: recreational cannabis has been legalized in California, which makes it an even more sweet spot to vacation at. Canada has also jumped on the legalization bandwagon, and although a NY judge recently decided to nix the idea of changing the Federal laws on marijuana use legality, we have high hopes that the future will bring positive change! 

The thing about these law changes, and really...these weed tattoos too, is that they prove that stoner-ism is not just a passing fad. And those who smoke are not all of the Cheech and Chong variety, many people use marijuana to handle severe medical issues, stress, and more. When cannabinoids came onto the market they were a game changer for many people suffering from cancer and cancer treatment. Although it may not solve the problem, easing the pain is an awesome god-send. We here at Tattoodo definitely hope that stoners and medical Mary Jane users alike will see good news on the horizon for the legal issues surrounding marijuana use.

But until then, we hope you enjoy these weed tattoos...make sure to share them with all your favorite smokers (weed etiquette is definitely a thing, after all) and send over yours if you've got one! You know even though we plan on partying all weekend, we can never get enough of seriously cool ink. 

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