Stop & Smell the Roses: Flower Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Stop & Smell the Roses: Flower Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Things are comin' up roses with these gorgeous and lush flower tattoos of today's Tattoo of the Day!

For todays' collection of incredible pieces from all over the world we gathered together flower tattoos that will astound and inspire. These beautiful blossoms come in many styles, forms, and designs but the best thing about these babies is that they never die or wilt. Talk about seeing life through rose-colored glasses...We promise that with tattoos like these you'll never forget to take time to stop and smell the roses!

A simple, clean black and grey rose that is nicely detailed. Although there is no color, the details is what makes this small tattoo. Later, we will examine what all the different rose colors symbolize.

There are many reasons why floral tattoos are so popular. Partly because floral designs make the perfect addition to any piece. Some kinds of flowers have old folklore stories and myths, some merely provoke thoughts and feelings of love and life. We've noticed that rose tattoos in particular are popular in flower tattoo designs, but this has been consistent through the ages. It's also interesting to note that not only do roses always mean love and beauty, but each color of rose has its own special meaning. See the image below for different colored roses and what they symbolize.

The traditional red rose symbolizes love and passion. A pink rose represents grace, gratitude, and affection. Purple roses have been used to symbolize royalty and enchantment. The blue rose is rare in nature, so it can represent the unattainable or impossible. A Yellow rose represents friendship, luck, and joy. Design your own eye catching floral tattoo with these different colors and meanings!

If roses aren't your taste, consider the many other options out there. If we look at Eastern culture, the cherry blossom and lotus are beautiful flowers that also hold significant meaning in respective cultures. The cherry blossom in Japanese culture symbolizes life itself. A delicate flower, cherry blossoms represent mortality, love, beauty, strength, and sudden death. However, they are still generally seen as a good omen. There is even a festival around cherry blossoms called "hanami", where people participate in cherry blossom viewing every March and April when the cherry blossoms or "sakura" bloom. Another popular choice is the lotus: a prominent symbol in many cultures and religions. The lotus is a beautiful flower that begins its life at the bottom of a muddy pond. As it grows, it pushes toward the surface of the pond. Once it reaches above the water, it blossoms into the beautiful petals that our eyes see. Eastern religions see the life cycle of the lotus as a metaphor for human life, as we aim to become a better person through hard work every day. This is just one interpretation of the lotus, whereas different religions and cultures have given specific meanings to all the colors of lotus. The meaning of the lotus is deeply historical and cultural, but it's up to you to assign a personal meaning to the tattoo if you choose to. See below for some inspiration for lotus and cherry blossom designs!

Cherry blossoms can symbolize life itself, and using it for a coverup tattoo can have a very powerful meaning that is deeply personal. 

Shakespeare said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", but if we called roses "mugwort" would they be as poetic and lovely as they are under the name of "rose"? We don't think so. These tattoos kind of reach beyond names anyway...they are beautiful and that's the most important thing. Maybe one day a tattoo artist will figure out how to infuse tattoo ink with scents like lavender and orange blossom. Tattoos will be like scratch and sniff stickers, only better because they last forever! Which is true of these in any case....they last forever. So, show your love and get your favorite loved one floral ink instead of a bouquet. Perhaps make it matching! And know that your flowers will never end up in a trash can, they'll always be much loved and well cared for.

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