Hand Tattoos Cuz Y'all Wanna Ruin Your Future

Hand Tattoos Cuz Y'all Wanna Ruin Your Future

They don't call 'em "job stoppers" for no reason, but these Hand Tattoos sure make being bad look damn good.

Hand tattoos are often called Job Stoppers...and it's pretty easy to guess why: although we've made some pretty strong strides away from the generalizations about tattooed people, this one is standing the test of time. Neck and hand tattoos are usually reserved for those who have made a commitment to the tattoo art form, and are probably running out of room due to tattooing all the other parts of their body that aren't shown. These particular skin spots are also, traditionally, reserved for criminals a la MS13. Ten years ago a hand tattoo, face or neck tattoo wouldn't be accepted at any "normal" job, and now they just seem to be popping up everywhere.

Heres the thing: even though hand tattoos look super cool, it is something you want to think about before you indulge. There are some tattooers out there who don't even want their hands tattooed. It's really interesting to think that somehow the bad ass criminals made hand tattoos look so hard, that that has now filtered down into the rest of society. Hand tattoos are an easy way to say you don't care about societal constraints, but again there are definitely easier ways to do that than to get a hand tattoo. If you're just getting into tattoos, take it slow...really think about your goals, your aesthetics, and what you want your tattoos to say to the world. Or just say F*** it, and get a hand tattoo. Really, it's your body, your life, your choice. 

All of that being said, hand tattoos are just like any other tattoo: they can be really incredible and inspiring works of art. The body is, in itself, also incredible and inspiring...you should have ink to match. Make sure when you get a hand tattoo, like all tattoos, that you choose an artist or shop who really knows their craft. And if you're having trouble finding the perfect fit: hit us up. It's what we're here for. 

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