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2019 San Diego Tattoo Invitational: June 28th - 30th

2019 San Diego Tattoo Invitational: June 28th - 30th

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In this guide to the 2019 San Diego Tattoo Invitational, we show you some awesome tattoo footage from 2018 & give you an inside sneak peak.

As you may have already picked up, Tattoodo is a huge fan of the San Diego Tattoo Invitational. This year the event will, yet again, take place at the San Diego Golden Concourse Hall. With over 5,000 people attending and more than 150 high quality tattoo artists sharing their work in one space, the convention promises to be a place to make friends, get some new ink, and enjoy the sunny state of California. 

Last year we were fortunate enough to visit with Bill Canales and speak with him about what it takes to put on such an insane production that, truly, spans the globe in its web of artistic connections. Not only did he give us a lot of insight, as you can experience yourself via the video below, but he also made sure to impress on us that this is a real deal family affair.

As we mentioned, around 150 tattoo artists will be at this event so keep in mind that if your favorite tattooist doesn’t have space for you, there are tons of other artists who can fit you in. Plus, it gives you just another reason to show up next year! 

There are also a bunch of cool contests and workshops that the San Diego team has set up. André Malcolm of Sri Yantra is teaching a class on the Principles of Dragon Design...something that many artists of various styles could totally use or be interested in. As for contests, you can look forward to seeing the best leg tattoos, best back pieces, and many more categories. They’ll even have a best of the day, so make sure you sign up to show off your new tattoo!

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