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21 Beautiful & Heavenly Buddha Tattoos

21 Beautiful & Heavenly Buddha Tattoos

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Here you will find inspiration for your next Buddha tattoo!

"Buddha's Wisdom is broad as the ocean and his spirit is full of great Compassion. Buddha has no form but manifests himself in exquisiteness and leads us His whole heart of Compassion." ~As described in the book "The Teaching of Buddha" by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai.

It's a beautiful book about the real essence of Buddhahood - and it says there that everyone in the planet can be Buddha and secure themselves true wisdom, health, and power - if they live his ways and teachings. For artists, Buddha tattoo is visualized as a calm, meditative deity - sitting in a lotus position with closed eyes, emitting a strong and calm energy full of light. Buddha is full of Wisdom and his words bring magic to those who believe and live by his teachings. There's no doubt that the Buddha tattoo has a powerful tattoo image, because it carries with it the Truth of Life - and that is to stay true to yourself, for the highest good of all. Here's a good reason to get tattooed.

Buddha Tattoo, artist unknown. #buddha

The book that was mentioned earlier is a valuable treasure - because it contains the Buddha's teachings as recorded in over 5,000 volumes. These teachings have been preserved and handed down for more than 25,000 years extending beyond borders and racial barriers of the world.

Buddha understands the Divine spark...the Divine proportion - and that we all belong to the great scheme of things. Beautiful geometric Buddha tattoo by Jondix above.

Buddha tattoo, artist unknown. #buddha

But before Buddha reached this state, he was once a Prince named Siddharta (meaning "Every wish fulfilled") because his parents, King Shuddhodana Gautama & Queen Maya, waited 20 years for their child to be born.

One day, a Hermit named Asita visited the palace & predicted that the Prince, if he remained in the Palace, will become a great king and subjugate the whole world. But if he forsakes the court life to embrace a religious life, he will become a Buddha, the Savior of the World. Tattoo Artist: Johan Finne

Unusual Buddha tattoo style by Gene Coffey! #buddha #genecoffey

Alas! The Prince at a ripe age took the path of Buddhahood. He let go of all his riches & possessions, left the castle, and sought a hermit to learn ascetic practices. It was December 8th, when the Prince became a Buddha, at 35 years of age.

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Beauty, Wealth & Prosperity tattoo

There are also other Buddhist deities that make a great tattoo! This Buddha tattoo has Lakshmi, the Goddess of Beauty, Wealth & Prosperity.

Buddha tattoo by Craig Beasley, Monument Tattoo, Florida. #Buddha

Did you know? In Thailand, there are 7 Buddha poses for each day of the Week? The Buddha tattoo above is the Saturday pose, where the Buddha is protected by the 7-headed serpent.

Medicine Buddha tattoo #buddha #medicine #scalp

This Buddha tattoo is the Medicine Buddha - the Buddha pose (among the numerous poses there are) that signifies Healing. He's in a Double lotus sitting position, with right hand facing down & fingers extended to the ground (palm facing outward) with a bowl of herbs in the left resting upon the lap.

This sleeve Buddha tattoo is unfinished but it's already coming to life!!!

This is the Mother Goddess Guan Yin in Chinese Buddhism. She is the goddess of compassion, mercy, kindness & love. She is a bodhisattva (being of bodhi or enlightenment---one who has earned to leave the world of suffering & is destined to become a Buddha) who has an eternal vow to save all children of god. Wow. This tattoo of Guan Yin is part of a sick chest-to-sleeve piece project by Jess Yen.

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