21 Black and Grey Tattoos Inspired by The Mystic Symbolism of The Eye

21 Black and Grey Tattoos Inspired by The Mystic Symbolism of The Eye

The eye is both deeply rooted in mysticism and a popular tattoo, so learn which interpretations exist before you get one inked.

The eye is a powerful symbol that has been represented in ancient cultures throughout time. People believed that human beings have a third eye which connects you to intuition and deeper spiritual abilities. By opening up your third eye you may have the potential to see hidden connections in the world around you and develop a deep sense of understanding with the world. 

In many esoteric spiritual doctrines the eye has different names and representations. Hamsa, Nazar, The Eye of Horus, the Evil Eye, Devils Eye and the All Seeing Eye. The latter name is of course know to be associated with the Illuminati which is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. It is also a symbol of the Masonic order, and people these days believe these eyes are appearing everywhere in popular media as some sort of secret code of a New World Order. These ancient representations of the eye are also pretty popular tattoos these days especially in black and grey work. Check this selection hand picked from Pinterest out for yourself...would you like your next tattoo to be an all seeing third eye? 

If you want more eye tattoos but in a traditional style, be sure to check out 10 All-Seeing Traditional Eye Tattoos!

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