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22 Peach Tattoos for National Eat a Peach Day

22 Peach Tattoos for National Eat a Peach Day

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Are you feeling keen for a fruity tattoo?

The peach is native to China despite its botanical name referring to Persia (Iran), with manuscripts dating back to 1100 BC. Now, in the modern era, the US is one of the top 5 producers of peaches in the world. 

Peaches have a deep significance to Georgia, which is also referred to as the Peach state. Peaches were cultivated as early as 1571, having been brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers. 

Line work peach tattoo by Pat Crump. #blackwork #linework #fruit #peach #PatCrump

Peaches are a favorite Summer fruit, so much that there's two national days dedicated to them: August 22 is National Eat A Peach Day and August 24 is National Peach Pie Day. 

How about we make today National Get A Peach Tattoo Day? No? Okay, let's just enjoy other people's sweet peach tattoos instead. 

Keen for more peach tattoos?

Pineapple, peach and kiwi tattoo by Ville Maki. #traditional #fruit #pineapple #peach #kiwi #kiwifruit #VilleMaki

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