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28 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

28 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

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Enjoy these beautiful and timeless flower tattoos for men and women, with facts, trivia and meanings!

Who says flower tattoos are only for women? It can be for the men as well! In fact, traditional/oriental tattoos are rich of floral embellishments. You will notice that any fierce or powerful tattoo subject (such as the snake or tiger, for example) is balanced with falling cherry blossoms and Koi tattoos are commonly done with a lotus or peonies round the sides to complete the overall piece and bring forth good fortune to its bearer. 


The Peony is one of the most sensual flower with a delicious scent used in Feng Shui as a cure for love & romance. Master Irezumi artist from Japan, Horiyoshi III, says that the "King Flower" (aka Peony) is one of the most elegant tattoo designs to create as a tattoo. -Tattoo artist: Jessi Lawrence

The Peony is the traditional floral symbol of China, and it represents the 12th wedding anniversary of couples. The full bloom & lush of the Peony embody a happy marriage, prosperity and romance - which accompanies good fortune.

Peony leg sleeves

Legend has it that it was named after Paeon, a physician to the gods, who received the flower on Mt. Olympus from the Mother of Apollo. That same physician was saved from the fate of dying as other mortals by turning into a flower that we call the "Peony" today.


Lotus tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

The Lotus symbolizes Perfection---its purity untouched by the mud where it grew. It represents awakening, spiritual growth & enlightenment as based on its origins. The Pink lotus such as Samohin's work above symbolizes the Supreme lotus or the True Lotus of Buddha.

Lotus tattoo

The Purple Lotus is known to be mystic and linked with esoteric wisdom. The 8 petals of the purple lotus represents each of the noble 8-fold path - one of the principal teachings of Buddha.

Blue lotus tattoo by Cory Norris

The Blue Lotus represents victory of the Spirit and of Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.


Chrysanthemum tattoo

Symbolizes a life of ease and balance. It is considered to have strong Yang energy, which attracts good luck to you and your home.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms bodysuit

(Tattoo artist: Horiyoshi III) Cherry blossoms bring the energy of new beginnings as it abundantly grows & blooms in number. For the Japanese, it represents the transients of Life - for it is a very delicate flower which blooms only for a short time.

Cherry blossoms tattoo by Dongkyu Lee

For the Chinese, it is a significant symbol of Power. It is also symbol of the Feminine beauty and energy - of dominance and love. Tattoo artist: Dongkyu Lee, Q-Tattoos, Toronto


The Rose is a classic tattoo design, widely used in different styles especially in traditional/old school tattooing. It represents Life because its petals and thorns are comparable to life's beauty and hardships. It can also symbolize passion and love.

Traditional rose tattoo

(Tattoo artist: Myke Chambers) Western traditional tattooing considers the rose as one of the essential & classic tattoo designs. It is usually added with objects of affection, or banners with words of expression, to represent the bearer's love for that certain object. In the example above, the owner of the tattoo expresses his love for his dad.


The graceful, delicate & exotic Orchid represents love, luxury, beauty & strength. In ancient Greece, women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. And if the mother ate small ones, the baby would come out as a girl.

Beautiful orchid tattoo

The Orchid also represents the couple's 14th wedding anniversary. Love the textures in the petals of these splendid Cattleya orchids!

Mandala Flower

Mandala tattoo by Thomas Hooper

Mandala tattoos are flourishing as well in different styles and forms such as this beautiful dotwork tattoo by Thomas Hooper.

Mandala flower tattoo

Mandala flowers represent the unique and infinite patterns of beauty rendered in sequence and repetition of the Universe - the spiral which literally spirals matters into existence!

It makes a great hand tattoo!

Or half-sleeve tattoo...

And works as a great sleeve tattoo as well! Love this heavily detailed piece!

Flower sleeve

And this one too! Check out the venus flytrap! So cool!

Flower sleeve

Men can also rock an elegant floral tattoo piece - given the right colors and components to keep the masculinity dominant.

Floral tattoo sleeve

And women can definitely NEVER go wrong with a pretty floral tattoo sleeve!

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