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30 Fascinating Outer Space Tattoos

30 Fascinating Outer Space Tattoos

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No surprise! The earth is full of breath-taking outer space tattoos. See our 30 favorite cosmos tattoos and the 250 that users preferred this year!

Have you ever wished, as a child or even an adult, to be a cosmonaut, work for the NASA or see the inside of a rocket ship? Have you ever watched the stars in the sky on a summer night and marveled at the wonders of the universe? Or perhaps are you a sci-fi buff and a science nerd? We all have reasons to look up and be fascinated by outer space, its beauty and mysteries.

Scientists are surprisingly very attracted by (space) tattoos, but no need to perfectly quote the name of the planets of the solar system, all the constellations and space phenomenons to sport that kind of ink. The colors of the nebulas and the milky way are enchanting, the designs of the planets and the galaxies are rad, and the finished space tattoos are a perfect mix of creativity and beauty that can appeal to a broad range of people - men and women alike.

Realistic, abstract, graphic or even new school, outer space tattoos are very poetic and worth seeing by tattoo lovers (no telescope needed for that!), whether they consider getting some starry ink or not.

We have hand-picked 30 captivating outer space tattoo ideas (by the rising stars of tattoo!) that would make you want to take a spaceship and to go to the tattoo shop... As a bonus, head to the end of this article and discover the 250 space tattoos that the Tattoodo users liked the most.

Love this space crack tattoo by Olga Grigorieva!
Love this space crack tattoo by Olga Grigorieva!

If you don't want to come back to planet Earth yet, stay in space and check out the 250 best cosmos tattoos of the year for more inspiration.

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