3,000 Year Old Mummy Has Shit Ton of Tattoos, Is 100% Cooler Than You

3,000 Year Old Mummy Has Shit Ton of Tattoos, Is 100% Cooler Than You

This chick was getting tattoos way before it was cool.

So, you have a tattoo. You probably were the first one of your friends to get one, weren't you? Bet you think you're pretty badass, don't ya? Well. Get the fuck outta here with that infinity symbol on your finger- because quite honestly this mummy was doing that shit way before it was trendy. 3,000 years before it was trendy, to be exact. 

That's right, you're looking at probably the oldest #TattoodoBabe we've ever featured.

An Egyptian mummy recently discovered in the village of Deir el-Medina was found to be donning a large number of (really cool) tattoos. Anne Austin, a bioarchaeologist from Stanford University, initially thought that the markings on the mummy were painted on- but after further investigation found that they were in fact, tattoos. 

The mummy's tattoos vary in imagery as well as placement- from lotus flowers on her hips, to cows on her arms and baboons on her neck. These images are all considered sacred in Ancient Egyptian culture, and by wearing them on her body she was clearly celebrating and attempting to strengthen her religious and supernatural beliefs. 

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“Any angle that you look at this woman, you see a pair of divine eyes looking back at you.”

Along with the flowers and animals, Austin found wadjet eyes on various parts of the mummy's body. Like most eye symbols, these are typically used as protection against evil. 

With all of the incredible discoveries that have been made pertaining to Ancient Egyptian culture over the years, tattoos have been an extremely rare find- and until now, the ones that HAVE been found have usually been very simple, mostly made up of dots and lines- so, needless to say... this little lady is kind of a big deal. 

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