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3,000 Years Ago, Tattoos Were Done With Volcanic Glass Tools

3,000 Years Ago, Tattoos Were Done With Volcanic Glass Tools

As if getting tattoos wasn't badass enough, ancient tattoo artists used tools made from volcanic glass.

Tattoos are pretty much a sure sign that a person is badass. At the very least, they can withstand the pain that comes with getting a tattoo done. Well, apparently tattoos used to be done with much more badass materials. Like materials from a DAMN VOLCANO! Archaeologists have recently discovered prehistoric tattooing tools, which were made from volcanic glass.

Scientists have come across ancient tools that are believed to have been ancient tattoo equipment. #AncientTattooing #obsidian #ancienttattootools #prehistoric #prehistorictattoos

These tools were used in the South Pacific during prehistoric times, according to archaeologists. The sharp volcanic glass made it easy to pierce the skin for decoration. Once the skin was pierced, ancient artists used pigments created from naturally occurring substances to garnish the skin. Once the tattoo was complete, healing herbs were used to close the cut and lock in the new pigment.

The types of volcanic glass that were used during prehistoric tattooing times. #AncientTattooing #obsidian #ancienttattootools #prehistoric #prehistorictattoos

These obsidian tools are extremely hard to find and scientists are constantly looking for ancient artifacts like this. Fifteen were recently discovered, and scientists were quick to get them in the lab for analyzation.

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Traces of charcoal, blood, and ochre dye were found on the volcanic glass tools, which led researchers to believe these tools to be ancient tattooing apparatuses. They even recreated this process of tattooing on pigskin, with much success.

According to the scientists, it would have been an incredibly painful process, much more so than modern tattooing methods. Plus the tattoos were very crude in design and colors were limited. Makes you kind of happy that we live today, eh? We don't know how lucky we've got it!

You can learn more about this ancient method here.

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