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37 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos By Sasha Unisex

37 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos By Sasha Unisex

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

This week's spotlight is shining down on Sasha Unisex: an amazing tattoo artist from Russia (St. Petersburg).

Sasha Unisex is well-known for her distinct & contemporary approach to the art of tattooing. She creates beautiful watercolor paintings and skill-fully translates them into vibrant, abstract/geometric tattoos. She graduated from St Lviv National Academy of Arts back in 2010 and is now owning it with her distinct painterly style of tattooing. Her tattoo works are now trending all over the web, and candy-colored fanatics (especially the ladies!) who's into colorful & subtle tattoos are in for a treat!

We are amazed by her style as it is fresh and new to the eyes. Her style gives emphasis to geometric shapes and shading with minimal to no outlines at all (different from the old school traditional style that we've gotten used to). We love how she creatively manipulates contrasting colors to make a design appear three-dimensional, yet the composition of such looks so simple and finely done. It's her composition techniques & application that fascinates! Now we've seen a lot of watercolor tattoos, but not as strong as these!

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Written byminerva

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