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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Tattoo

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Tattoo

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"Should I get a tattoo?" you may ask. Here at Tattoodo, WE LOVE TATTOOS, so our immediate answer would be "YES!!". But there are some very valid reasons why you should not get a tattoo

We are all about good tattoos and awesome tattooing! But here's the thing, not everyone can get tattooed. Whether it be for the time being or because of circumstances that surround you, there are some valid reasons why you should not get one. So, if you're asking yourself whether you should get a tattoo or not, it means that you're not totally sure, so read on!

Here are 5 reasons why you should not get a tattoo:

Reason 1: You are underage, a MINOR.

Tattooed kids

It may look awesome but, you can't get a tattoo if you're underage. Period. You're maybe online right now, surfing the web and checking out the Tattoodo blog for all the awesome tattoos the world has to offer, but no matter how much you love tattoos and no matter how good your tattoo taste is, no tattooer in his right mind would tattoo you if you are not of age. Some cultures do tattoo young children but in most modern civilized societies such as ours, tattooing minors is a no go.

But fear not! If you still think that you should get a tattoo when you reach majority, you will have plenty of time to grow an awesome collection! In the meantime, you can already start planning your first tattoo by reading our extensive first tattoo guide!

Reason 2: You're Pregnant.


Tattooing poses risks to pregnant women and their baby. Getting a tattoo can be a stressful process and as we all know, stress is especially bad for pregnant women. Some scientists say that the chemicals in the ink can be passed on to the baby and it poses a risk to the baby's health if you get an infection.

If you are tattooed BEFORE getting pregnant, that is fine. If you're wondering if you should get a tattoo but you are pregnant, you should definitely wait until after you give birth.

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Reason 3: You have a serious skin condition.

Skin condition

Above you can see a photo of skin with Psoriasis, one of the many skin conditions that may prevent you from getting a tattoo. Tattoos stay on your skin for the rest of your life. This being said, having healthy skin is definitely a must when planning to get a tattoo and having a serious skin condition may prevent you from getting a tattoo.

So go see a dermatologist if you are in doubt, just to make sure that your skin is healthy enough to handle the tattoo process.

Reason 4: You are not fully committed to getting a tattoo. Think it over!

No Ragrets

Think it over, so you won't regret it! Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment. Especially when it involves large scale work or even a small exposed tattoo for that matter. This is why you shouldn't get a tattoo if it's not your own decision. If you are not fully decided but other people are telling you to get it, fuck it man, don't get it.

Or maybe you know you want a tattoo, but you're not sure which style you want or which tattoo artist to pick. Don't rush. Do your research.

If you don't know if you should get a tattoo because you fear that you'll regret it later, ask yourself if you like the design enough to have it on your skin permanently. Try to put it on a t-shirt, or on your wall, or as your phone wallpaper and see if you get tired of it.

Or try to get a temporary tattoo. It will also give you the opportunity to see how people react to it and get emotionally prepared to be judged sometimes. It will also help you see how the design fits with your clothing style and, if you choose a prominent placement like the hands or arms, how it feels like seeing that design on your skin all the time.

Take the time you need to think about your tattoo since you're going to wear it on your skin for the rest of your life. If you feel you are ready to rock a tattoo, then go ahead.

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Reason 5: You don't have the money for it

No money? No tattoos!

An awesome poster that says it all. Never settle for cheap tattooing. Get in touch with your tattoo artist and know how much it would cost to get the tattoo you really want.

Don't get too excited and just get something because it's cheaper. Know what you want, save up to get it. Remember, tattoo artists put in a lot of time, effort and even money for their craft. They are highly skilled professionals and like in every other industry, this has a price. Be respectful enough to pay them right and show respect towards yourself as well getting a high quality piece that you'll love for ever.

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You couldn't nod to any of the situations mentioned above? Then we don't see why you shouldn't get a tattoo! Go and get that ink!

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