6 Neo-traditional Beauties by Georgina Liliane

6 Neo-traditional Beauties by Georgina Liliane

The work that Georgina Liliane does in the neo-traditional style is graceful and plush with color.

Georgina Liliane's tattoos are beautiful. They are rich in color and elaborate in detail. Much of the subject matter that she illustrates — tea sets, fine jewelry, adorable animals — is feminine in its composure, and her delicate touch as a tattooist captures the spirit of such imagery in an exquisite fashion. Have a look at a handful of her gorgeous tattoos. 

Some of Liliane's best tattoos are those that feature still lifes of themed tea sets. The one that borrows imagery from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is lovely. Also, the way she ties in Halloween ornamentation, such as a haunted house and pumpkins, into the one with a vampire bat is so clever that it is irresistibly charming.

Though her signature tea set tattoos are wonderful, she also is capable of rendering elegant ornamental illustrations like the heart diamond with floral accents and the lunar moth atop an embellished heart. The rich yet soft color palettes of these tattoos are simply breath-taking.

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Some of our favorite tattoos that she produces are those that feature animal imagery. Her neo-traditional approach to tattooing is ideal for illustrating critters of all sorts, whether they are cute like the fennec fox or more regal as seen in the bust of an adorned horse. Her aesthetic sensibility draws out the natural beauty in creatures of all sizes and dispositions. 

We hope that you found Liliane's work as radiant as we do. If you want to see more tattoos by her, she can be found on Instagram. Also, she's from the UK, but is currently touring through Canada, so if you're in that part of the world and want some of her splendid neo-traditional work, you can reach out to her at georginatattoo@gmail.com for a consultation.

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