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7 Cat-Loving Tattooers Who'll Give You the Purr-fect Ink

7 Cat-Loving Tattooers Who'll Give You the Purr-fect Ink

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Crazy cat ladies and gents, meet the tattooers who are just as obsessed with cats as you are and ready to give you purr-fect tattoos!

Getting a tattoo from a skilled tattooer is one thing, but getting a tattoo from a tattooer who shares the same interests and passion as you is another. So when it comes to ink dedicated to your cat babies, who can understand you better than a fellow feline-obsessed person who swears with you that cats are the most precious thing on earth next to wine. Let me introduce you to some of the finest tattoo artists out there who happens to be just as crazy about cats as you are — they won't disappoint.

1. Lewis Buckley

If you're in it for some action and good ol' traditional Japanese elements in a sick neo traditional style, then look no further than Lewis Buckley's animated works! His fascination with Japanese culture and animé are perfectly executed in his kickass cat tattoos.

2. Sol Tattooer

It's hard not to lose it over Sol Tattooer's charming fine line cats. They're just too damn adorable to ignore. They're perfect for any cat lover looking for a subtler design — definitely worth the trip to South Korea!

Feline Friends via instagram soltattoo #cats #Cattoo #color #pets #petportrait #microtattoo #soltattoo

3. Iris Lys

Belgium-based cat-tooer Iris Lys will give you that classic American traditional as she goes full force with her cat attack. Cats are for life.

4. Susanne König

Kiss Cats Heart Tattoo by Susanne König #heart #anatomicalheart #dotwork #illustrative #SusanneKonig

Susanne König creates one of the loveliest blackwork tattoos I've ever seen. Her lovable cat tattoos are only the tip of the whole iceberg  that is her kitschy storybook style tattoos. See more of Susanne's works here.

5. Young-Woong Han 

Neotraditional cat tattoo by Young Woong Han. #YoungWoongHan #neotraditional #cat #cattattoo #neo #neko #grimreaper

You'd think neko tattoos are all Young-Woong Han ever draws. The South Korean tattooer's bold and vibrant works mostly feature these fierce little beauties, illustrating them in a Japanese-inspired neo traditional style.

6. Tattooist Doy

If you liked Sol Tattooer's fine line works, then you're going to fall in love with Tattooist Doy's lovely tattoos. His feline pieces all look graceful yet dignifed — just like real cats.

7. Woohyun Heo

Woohyun Heo or Woo (not to be confused by LA-based tattoo artist, Dr. Woo) is a tattooer based in South Korea who specializes in quirky traditional tattoos. He's well-known for his ‘double face’ and mirror style tattoos that give him that edge that sets him apart from other tattooers.

Can't get enough of cats, neither can we!

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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