8 Blazing Ghost Rider Tattoos

8 Blazing Ghost Rider Tattoos

One of Marvel Comics darkest heroes lights it up in ink!

Although there have been a number of individuals to take on the character of Ghost Rider, the original Johnny Blaze remains the most popular. A stunt rider by trade, Blaze sold his soul to the devil (later revealed to be the arch-demon Mephisto) and the consequences were not what he expected. Each night when near around evil, Blaze's body is consumed by hellfire and his face replaced with that of a flaming skull. Just throw in his badass motorbike and the finished look- and you get one of the most iconic hero characters created by Marvel. 

With blazing wheels and hellfire engulfing his body and bike- Ghost Rider has one of the coolest images in the comic book world and the look translates awesomely into a tattoo. Ghost Rider tattoos are all about bold designs and big impact! So, take a look at these Ghost Rider tattoos and set your imagination free! 

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