8 Dark Witch King Tattoos

8 Dark Witch King Tattoos

The Witch-King of Angmar is one of J.R.R Tolkiens darkest creations!

There's always time for some Lord of the Rings tattoos. 

The Witch-King of Angmar, or Lord of the Nazgul, is one of many dark creations that came from the mind of J.R.R Tolkien. Serving the Dark Lord Sauron, the Witch-King serves as chief of the Nazgul or 'Ringraiths' and searches Middle Earth for the 'one ring'. 

An imposing figure the Witch-King is covered in large black robes and wears a dangerous looking crown over his invisible face. Shrouded in darkness and mystery the Witch-King has become one of the Lord of the Rings most enduring characters and remains popular to this day- he also looks pretty sweet in ink! 

As threatening and evil as the Witch-King himself these Witch-King tattoos pay tribute to a standout character in the Lord of the Rings and prove there's still a place for Lord of the Rings tattoos today. Check them out and enjoy the darkness that is a Witch-King of Angmar tattoo. 

We, of course, need that 'one ring' in this post as well! If you want more check out these 20 Lord Of The Rings Tattoos That Are Too Precious

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