8 Demonic Nun Tattoos

8 Demonic Nun Tattoos

Creepy as f**k, but insanely cool. Demonic nun tattoos look sick!

Nun tattoos are a surprisingly popular design and one of great versatility. From beautiful traditional tattoos to haunting blackwork designs, nun tattoos look awesome and are a tattoo you should definitely look into. Now while nun designs hold religious significance and connotations, not every design is a religious inspired tattoo. Instead the classic image of a nun is used to create a whole new persona and image- such is the case with these demonic nun designs. 

An incredibly creepy yet beautiful design, these demonic nun tattoos will haunt your dreams and leave you sleeping with the light on, but they look awesome while doing it! Take a look at the bold imagery and clever designs below and get inspired for your own demonic nun design. You know you want one!

All images via Instagram.

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