8 Fearsome Kunai Tattoos

8 Fearsome Kunai Tattoos

If it's good enough for Scorpion then it's good enough for you!

Do ninja weapons make good tattoos?? You're damn right they do! What began as a multipurpose farming tool later became a must-have weapon of any budding ninja. Adapted from a masonry tool, the Kunai is a classic Japanese dagger that serves as a multi-functional weapon.

From climbing walls to assassinating enemies, the Kunai became an instrument of death and remains so to this day. Popularized by manga and anime, the Kunai is simply a steel dagger, but it's unique shape also lends itself to tattooing quite well.

 Kunai tattoos are the ultimate ninja tattoo and any martial arts enthusiast is sure to appreciate this quirky design. That said, Kunai tattoos also make quite the gap filler, so check out these fearsome Kunai tattoos and let us know what you think of them!

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