8 Solid Blackwork Dragon Head Tattoos

8 Solid Blackwork Dragon Head Tattoos

Dragon designs are always a great choice for a tattoo.

These dragon head tattoos prove you don't always have to go full dragon!

In both, Eastern and Western tattooing, the dragon is a classic design and one that never gets old. Great as a big or small tattoo, dragon tattoos just work and their versatility only adds to their qualities. Of course it can be a difficult decision when thinking of what dragon tattoo to get, and while a big ass dragon on you're back will look awesome you can just go with a dragon head design. 

Dragon head tattoos are exactly as they sound, but much more impressive, perfect for a traditional gap filler design. Dragon head tattoos are a fun tattoo to have and one you won't regret. 

Take a look at this cool blackwork dragon head tattoos and get some awesome inspiration in the process. 

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