8 Tasteful Tapir Tattoos

8 Tasteful Tapir Tattoos

Choose an obscure animal and get yourself a truly unique tattoo.

There are already enough tattoo designs of cats, dogs, lions and tigers out there. Consider getting a cute and unusual animal tattoo of a tapir instead. The five species of tapir are found in South America and Asia. This animal has a similar build to a pig, but a longer snout. Baby tapirs differ from adults with their striped and dotted coat that acts as camouflage, protecting them from predators.

Sweet tapir and love heart by Aimee Bray. #cute #heart #loveheart #tapir #neotraditional #AimeeBray #animal

Tapirs are part of a long list of animals that are listed as endangered. In years to come, they may only exist in online encyclopedias.

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