8 Tattoos Inspired by the Experimental Cinema of David Lynch

8 Tattoos Inspired by the Experimental Cinema of David Lynch

These 8 photogenic tattoos inspired by David Lynch's filmography are a testament to his excellence as a director.

The way great scenes from iconic films stay with us is fascinating. Cinema made by extraordinary directors has the power to inspire us in an unforgettable fashion. One of the most interesting manifestations of how the silver screen can leave its mark on us is embodied by people who choose to get tattoos in honor of movies. One of our favorite filmmakers here at Tattoodo is David Lynch, and we have showcased tattoos that draw from his body of work before, but because our undying admiration of his contributions to film and television, we are at it again. As a huge fan myself, it is my pleasure to share the following Lynch-inspired tattoos with you.

"This is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee."
"My log has something to tell you."

As indicated by the numerous tattoos of characters like Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne, it is astounding just how many people lives were touched by Lynch's foray into television with Twin Peaks. The fandom surrounding this show is an incredible cultural phenomenon, especially considering that it aired over a decade and a half ago. Most critics and fans consider it to be his masterwork, even though the films that he created before he entered into television and afterward are now extremely revered as well.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer."

As a devotee of his other experimental work, however, I am most excited when I see quality tattoos like the ones above and below that take after his surreal films, even those as contentious as Dune, instead of the hugely popular Twin Peaks. They are relatively less common than those based on his hit television series, so it makes them that much more spectacular to see. 

"In Heaven, everything is fine. You've got your good things. And I've got mine."

If you enjoyed these celluloid tattoos, here's a link to another post we did about Lynchian body art. Also, we will feature some upcoming coverage on a cool tattoo-related event at the Twin Peaks UK Festival next month, so keep an eye out for it. Lastly, if you haven't seen this legendary director's work, make sure to watch some of it. It could inspire you to get some of his auteur footage projected onto your skin.

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