8 Vibrant and Beautiful Traditional Tattoos By Javier Betancourt

8 Vibrant and Beautiful Traditional Tattoos By Javier Betancourt

This artist makes astounding traditional tattoos that are brimming with color.

Javier Betancourt is a master at traditional tattoos. He is capable of illustrating a wide variety of imagery in this style, including iconography from eastern cultures as well as quintessentially American motifs. Here are some photos of his astounding tattoos.

Betancourt delivers on east Asian figures like this Ganesha and Guan Yin through his use of soft yet saturated coloration.

While he excels at rendering figures from various cultures, his best work is arguably that which takes up the tradition of American tattooing. His strong line-work and plush use of vibrant color palettes brings out the boldness in classic designs, such as swallows, matryoshka dolls, skulls, roses, and lady heads.  

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If you enjoyed looking at Betancourt's killer traditional tattoos, more can be found on his Instagram. He tattoos at Ocho Placas Tattoo Company in Miami, FL, so if you're around there and want a great piece of body art, pay him a visit.

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