8 Weirdly Wonderful Rasputin Tattoos

8 Weirdly Wonderful Rasputin Tattoos

One of Russia's most mysterious figures lives on in bizarre tattoos!

Rasputin tattoos aren't for everyone but are something you need to see.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is one of Russia's most famous historical figures and also one of its most mysterious. His life is shrouded in myth and legend and much is hard to separate from the truth. A peasant, mystic faith healer, and confidant of Tsar Nicholas II, Rasputin rose to become a prominent figure behind closed doors and his controversial status ultimately lead to his death. Even today much of Rasputin's life and character remains a subject of debate, but that doesn't stop people from putting his figure in ink. 

Rasputin tattoos are definitely on the weirder side of things but nonetheless offer some awesome inspiration and are really a design you just have to see. Look through the Rasputin tattoos below and see if you can figure out why Rasputin inspired body art is so wonderfully weird! 

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