9 Frisky Jack Russell Tattoos

9 Frisky Jack Russell Tattoos

Pint-sized pup tattoos that make a big impact.

The Jack Russell has its origins in fox hunting. The breed gained its name from Reverend John Russell who was known to breed and use them in his hunting pursuits during the 19th century. 

It wasn't until after World War II that the Jack Russell was considered more of a pet, as society's need for hunting dogs declined. Since then they've become a favorite dog breed for some, with their feisty personalities and boundless, contagious energy. 

If you own a Jack Russell these tattoos may inspire you to make a trip to your local tattoo shop.

Watercolor Jack Russell tattoo by Enrik Gispert. #watercolor #neotraditional #styledrealism #dog #JackRussell #EnrikGispert

Cover image by Studio Pets Photography.

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