9 Gorgeous Guinea Pig Tattoos

9 Gorgeous Guinea Pig Tattoos

A favorite chubby childhood pet gets the tattoo treatment.

While most animals have name with literal translations, guinea pigs are not part of the pig family nor are they from Guinea. They're another one of life's little lies. Guinea pigs actually originated in South America where statues of them dating back to 500BC have been found by archaeologists. 

These days they're a common household pet, but upon their introduction to Europe in 16th century they were exotic pets only for royalty and the upper classes. 

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a guinea pig, whether it be an image of a real one or just a tattoo, I can't help but think it would talk in a Chris Rock voice like Rodney in Doctor Dolittle. Give it a go - it only adds to the experience while you take a look at these gorgeous guinea pig tattoos. 

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