9 Large Scale Japanese Tattoos by Horitada

9 Large Scale Japanese Tattoos by Horitada

Horitada's Irezumi is devotedly traditional as well as utterly exquisite.

Horitada is one of the best Irezumi artists in the world. His work is staunchly traditional, featuring heavily saturated black and grey with minimal coloration that accents this depictions of classic Japanese iconography, like cherry blossoms, dragons, koi, and samurai. His experience in the traditional Japanese style shows in the size as well as the exquisiteness of his work. Have a look at a fantastic sample of his large-scale pieces.

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Horitada's sleeves are brilliant, and as illustrated by them, he typically works in heavy black and grey with just a touch of color to highlight imagery like drifting sakura petals and the bellies of coiling snakes.

While Horitada's Irezumi sleeves are second to none, it his even larger-scale pieces that are the most astounding. He renders epic back-pieces and bodysuits. Whether in black and grey or hinted with color, he depictions of dragons, goddesses, and samurai are all utterly astounding. They demonstrate just how much of a master he is at the traditional style.

A wonderful back-piece featuring a dragon and Guanyin by Horitada (IG—horitadajapan). #backpiece #dragon #Guanyin #Horitada #Irezumi #traditional

We hope you liked this installment of excellent Irezumi by Horitada. If you want to see more of his incredible work, check out his Instagram. He tattoos at Blackdice Studio in Japan, so if you're there and want some of his superb large-scale work, pay his shop a visit.

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