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9 Lovable Labrador Tattoos

9 Lovable Labrador Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These sweet pooches are actually pretty badass.

A popular dog breed in the UK and the US, the labrador was developed from the (now extinct) St. Johns water dog from Newfoundland in Canada in the 19th century. Due to their great temperament around children and other animals, labradors make great pets. However, labradors are working dogs too. They're not just used as guide dogs for the blind; they also assist those with autism, act as therapy dogs, and even work in law enforcement to bust crooks. 

Black and grey labrador portrait tattoo by Paolo Sellani. #realism #blackandgrey #petportrait #dog #labrador #PaoloSellani

Labradors are ranked as one of the top ten most intelligent dog breeds. Some people say that getting tattooed is a stupid thing to do, but perhaps a tattoo of a smart dog, like a labrador, can boost your IQ. 

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