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9 Sacred Juzu Bead Tattoos

9 Sacred Juzu Bead Tattoos

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A symbol of Buddhism and its teachings the Juzu beads have been adopted into Japanese tattooing.

Commonly known as Juzu beads in Japan and malas elsewhere, the Juzu is a form of Buddhist prayer bead, that is used to count the number of times a mantra is read, repetitions of Buddha's name and breaths while meditating. The Juzu or Malas is common across the globe and is a traditional tool of Buddhism, but has also found a place in classic Japanese tattooing.

With Japanese tattooing be closely associated and influenced by traditional Japanese culture, it is no surprise that the Juzu beads have found a place as a meaningful design. Often used in larger work, like a front tattoo or bodysuit, the Juzu is usually tattooed around the neck and down the chest- giving it an appearance as if it is being worn. As a design with great meaning, it is wise to read up on Juzu beads and their symbolism before getting it tattooed on you. That being said- check out these striking Juzu tattoos and let us know what you think. 

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Written byRobert Davies

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