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90's Nostalgia: Killer Cartoon Tattoos

90's Nostalgia: Killer Cartoon Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Gen Y? These cartoon tattoos show how powerful our memories are!

If you're a kid of the 90's, like many of us here at Tattoodo, you'll immediately feel some nostalgia when checking out these cartoon tattoos. No matter what style they're in (Watercolor, Fineline, New School, etc.) we're sure that you'll be thrown back into the good old days when you would spend after school moments or weekends checking out Dragon Ball Z or the newest Disney flick. It makes sense why these are some of the most popular tattoos out there to get! Popular culture really hits us in the feels, especially when we connect it to some of our most beloved memories.

These cartoon tattoos give us those warm fuzzies all over...and it's kind of interesting to note that nostalgia is a pretty powerful feeling, and one that can either make us sad or feel like we're eating mass amounts of comfort food. The word itself comes from the Greek "nostos" meaning homecoming and "algos" meaning longing. It was coined by a 17th century medical student, and, at first, was regarded as a type of serious neurological disease. Now it's seen as a, usually, pleasant experience, and this awesome TedEd video talks all about it! Do you feel nostalgia when you check out these cartoon tattoos?

If you're interested in getting one of these cool cartoon tattoos, you can always use our new booking feature to hit up an artist in your area! We also have an insane archive of pieces that are sure to inspire or influence the design of the ink that you get. We support the highest quality artists and shops, we have tons of article spotlighting the artistic output of people we feel like you'd love, and we make sure you know about all the best events in advance. Let us know if you'd like to see something else! We're here for you!

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