A Bouquet of Black and Grey Roses by Ed Taemets

A Bouquet of Black and Grey Roses by Ed Taemets

Mixed with the aroma of love and loss, Ed Taemets prefers his roses like the silent film era – black and grey and poetic.

Get back that old school romance with Ed Taemets' black and grey roses and feel every bit of elegance with their refined details and linework.

‘Love and hate and beauty and death and fear and courage and revenge’ — are everything Ed Taemets' elegant black and grey works embody. While his monochrome works are heavy with classic tattoo elements, you can't get any more classic than with the rose tattoo. Apparently, Ed delivers them fresh every week in all their black and grey glory.

When he's not travelling and doing guest spots, Ed tattoos at his home shop in Hidden Moon Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia. He's the man to go to for refined black and grey tattoos of anything classic like hearts and roses.

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