A Bouquet of Black Flower Tattoos

A Bouquet of Black Flower Tattoos

Here are some flower tattoos that don't need to color to be beautiful.

There are as wide of a variety of flowers in the world of tattoos as there are in the real world. They come in vast array — photorealistic sunflowers, Japanese style cherry blossoms, traditional roses, etc. — but blackwork flora has a especially power allure to it.

Instead of capitalizing on their colorful qualities, some tattooists bring the beautiful form of flowers to the forefront by rendering them with only black ink. This makes it so that their elaborate shapes are the focal point as opposed to their vibrancy. All of the pieces here show how a bit of fine line work and carefully plotted stippling can speak louder than a rainbow's worth of pastels.

To surround yourself with more elegant blackwork flowers, visit these artists' Instagram. Should you want to turn your body into a darkly hued garden, have one of them put his or her green thumb to work. 

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