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A Case of the Monday's? Check Out These Cute Tattoos!

A Case of the Monday's? Check Out These Cute Tattoos!

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These cute tattoos will take away those Monday blues and put a smile on ur face. Woot!

Monday's can be rough...especially if you just had a red eye flight where the dude behind you was wasted and kept using your seat as his body pillow while also yelling expletives at the people around you. But it can also be rough if you were super enjoying the weekend and aren't looking forward to how quickly you must peal yourself away from the comfort of your bed, and head to the office, wherever that may be. So, we bring you these cute tattoos in hopes of distracting you from your existential pain! Cuz that's what we're here for...sometimes.

Although, really, mostly we are here to serve you some pain, since no matter how cute your tattoo's still gonna hurt when the artist applies it to your bod. But, ya know, it's worth it!! Especially considering that Tattoodo has a ton of incredible artists that you can hit up for new work...we're even about to unveil a really exciting part to our site that allows you to book your next tattoo with the utmost ease!! Spoiler Alert: it's going to revolutionize the way you get tattoos...cute tattoos, weird tattoos...dark tattoos...tattoos on your butt, neck, face...whatever. We're here to make your dream happen.

Cuz we believe in dreams. Just like we believe that today is all but a dream that will soon be over so that we can finally go back to actual dreaming. Hmm...okay, maybe that doesn't make so much sense. But considering we didn't get any sleep on that aforementioned red eye're lucky we even know how to make full sentences right now. But we'll keep on dreaming because that's pretty much what we do here. The secret is: we actually make our dreams happen! That's what Tattoodo was until we put our dreams into action...and now we can make your tattoo dreams happen. Even if we aren't the most eloquent about it always. Nap time, anyone?

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