A Curated Collection of Black & Grey Tattoos

A Curated Collection of Black & Grey Tattoos

We've been featuring a lot of black and grey work that our readers have been loving, so here's a sample of some of the best.

We write frequently about black and grey tattoos because they come in so many shapes and sizes and are typically excellent. Because works of realism and other motifs rendered in this monochromatic fashion have been making such big waves in our community, we decided to curate a selection of some of the best black and grey body art in the world right now. 

What's amazing about black and grey tattoos is that they encompass such a wide array of styles and motifs. You can see approaches to tattooing such as illustrative blackwork, Irezumi, realism, traditional American, ornamental — the list goes on. This variety speaks to the versatility of black and grey work. 

Mandalas, a subject we recently posted about, make for great black and grey tattoo designs. Take the one above by Jack Peppiette for instance. The way he borders the classic ornamental object with roses, creating a flowery depiction of the cosmos, is gorgeous.

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Black and grey work lends itself to the art of landscaping, especially when it takes on a the aesthetic of scrimshaw with minimal stippling and hatching.

Of all the various motifs achievable with this limited color palette, the crown jewel of black and grey tattooing is arguably realism. The incredible amount to detail that this style allows artists to incorporate into their tattoos is mind-blowing. Realism in black and grey also suits a number of themes, such as the grotesque and the religious.

If any one of these styles caught your eye, make sure to check out the artist's Instagram, all of which are listed in the captions. We'll try to keep watch on the new black and grey contributions to the tattoo world and share some of the best ones with you again soon.

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