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A Face like an Angel: Portrait Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

A Face like an Angel: Portrait Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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Awe-inspiring and timeless portrait tattoos of all styles for Tattoo of the Day.

Portraiture has a long history, and it makes sense why portrait tattoos are an ever reoccurring favorite theme within the art form. For many people, the first thing they think of when someone says the word "beauty" is a's the embodiment of human character and personality. All of our emotions play out among the movement of our facial features...there's a reason why the eyes are the windows to the soul! Portrait tattoos memorialize loved ones who have passed, sometimes they're our favorite movie characters, famous actors or singers...sometimes they show the smiling faces of children or family members that we can't live without and every so often portrait tattoos are a manifestation of beauty, honor, or inspiration. Just look at Aimee Cornwell's pieces! Her incredible ladies are like goddesses of another age yet timeless in their grace and form.

There are tattoo artists who specialize in portrait tattoos due not only to its popularity, but also due to the difficulty of pulling off portraiture that actually looks like the subject! We've all seen the fail tattoos: a proud parent goes to a tattooist wanting a picture of their cute kid and ends up leaving with something that looks more like Gizmo from Gremlins. Portrait tattoos try to capture the exact light of someones inner takes talent to show that!

So here we have brought together some astounding examples of portrait tattoos that we think you will enjoy. Like many themes they span a diverse blend of styles, techniques, and aesthetics...that's one of the coo things about tattoos. If you're not into Samuele Briganti's blue eyed traditional babe, check out Ricky Clipz' hyperrealist portrait of Lauryn Hill. Not into R&B? Maybe immortal heroes like Frida Kahlo and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are more your speed. Regardless of what you're into, we promise we have something you'll love.

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