A Hilarious Take On What Your Piercing Says About You

A Hilarious Take On What Your Piercing Says About You

Comedy website CollegeHumor gives their hilarious take on piercing in a series of cheeky illustrations. (Warning: Sarcasm)

People tend to take themselves way to seriously, especially when it comes to judging their tattoos and piercings. Life isn't any fun if you're serious all the time, sometimes you just need to sit back and have a good chuckle at your own expense. 

The guys of CollegeHumor brings us several illustrations that cover some of the most popular body piercings and hilarious descriptions of what they say about the wearer to go with it. Instead of getting bent out of shape about being judged, just laugh along at the ridiculous stereotypes and at how surprisingly accurate some of them can get. You know that we've all thought these things ourselves.... 

Besides, getting pissed at everything is too damn exhausting and honestly, who has time for that shit? Enjoy. 

See the original post here. And if you are super into piercings, make sure to check out this article. 

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