A Pageant of Whimsical Watercolor Elephant Tattoos

A Pageant of Whimsical Watercolor Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are making an evolutionary comeback through watercolor tattoos.

I think we can all agree that elephants, with their whacky ears, floppy trunks, remarkable intelligence, and club-feet, are some of the derpiest looking creatures ever to lumber around on the planet, but that’s not the case in the world of body art.

With the advancements made in the field of watercolor tattoos over the last decade, elephants have gone from gray and wrinkly to fabulous as fuck.

Only one or two positive things can be said of real-life elephants: they have pretty eyes and are smarter than most think. In watercolor tattoos, on the other hoof (or whatever their weird stumps are called), they’re beautiful messes.

Watercolor landscape with elephant silhouettes by Koray Karagozler (IG—koray_karagozler). #elephant #KorayKaragozler #watercolro

A pixelated elephant head by Alexey (IG—leshalauz). #Alexey #colorful #elephant #newschool #pixelated
A pixelated elephant head by Alexey (IG—leshalauz). #Alexey #colorful #elephant #newschool #pixelated

Their living counterparts are incredibly resilient, good-for-nothing mammals who live long lives (much like ourselves), spending most of their days lethargically rolling in mud and getting drunk on fermented fruit (also, much like ourselves). To put it bluntly, they’re some of the biggest and saddest lushes in the animal kingdom, but in watercolor, they’re nothing but fun. 

While elephants are on the fast track to becoming extinct, wandering in droves to their ancestral graveyards, dwindling away in zoos, or getting poached for their valuable tusks, watercolor elephants aren’t dying out any time soon.

It’s hard to pin down what it is that makes watercolor elephants such an uplifting sight to behold, but it’s safe to say that they’re far less depressing than the state of flesh and blood elephants, which do morose things like stare at the places where their loved ones died for extended periods of time. What a bummer, right? 

Watercolor elephants don’t get caught up in sad things like death. They’re all about happiness, and because of this, they’re the perfect type of tattoo for all the eternal optimists out there.

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To bask in the euphoric color schemes of more watercolor tattoos, probably a few more elephants, too, stampede to these artists’ Instagrams. Should you want a wonderful watercolor elephant or perhaps a giraffe of your own, have one of them execute it for you.

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