A Place to Treasure: Chest Tattoos

A Place to Treasure: Chest Tattoos

These chest tattoos show that this particular place on your bod deserves some truly special ink.

It's a never ending trend...which...technically means it's not a trend at all. Chest tattoos are always one of the most searched and sought after placements. And most people put a whole lotta time into choosing what will eventually cover one of the most obvious places for a tattoo. Since the chest is such a big space it leaves a lot of room for creative details and designs. In this collection of chest tattoos we've brought together pieces for men, women...literally whoever is doing their research trying to figure out their dream ink.

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As you'll be able to tell, it totally depends on your personal aesthetic, and the artist you choose, what the outcome will be. Some people are really into sacred geometry, some people love bold traditional work, while others just want to commemorate their love to a pet or family members on a place where they'll see it every single day for the rest of their life. It's totally up to you...but for your chest tattoo, our advice is to go with something you deeply love. After all, the piece that ends up going right there is right above your heart...sounds sticky sweet, but it's just true.

It's not only good to do design research before covering a big space like your chest, but it's also good to do artist research. There are so many different artists out there, each with their own way of viewing the world within this art form...and it's great to make sure that their work is high quality...again, something that you'll treasure for years to come. Here at Tattoodo we not only have a whole lot of tattoo inspiration, but we also have a directory that you can use to search for top notch tattoo artists in your area. We promise if you use us to book your next tattoo, you will not be disappointed.

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